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48 Hours with a MINI Clubman S

48 hours with a MINI Cooper S Clubman. Where would you go?

In the Park Lane MINI Series - Georgia talks us through her 48 Hour Challenge:

The alarm was set, cameras charged and snacks packed for my 48 hour MINI adventure around Kent.


My brother and I raced to the MINI Clubman, which sat elegantly on the driveway. Sleek lines and subtle details are constructed with practicality, ideal for my adventure. The touch display was ready to navigate and the GoPro ready to capture. Let the wild day ahead commence.


Our first destination was a local village in the heart of the countryside; known as Tenterden.


With the sun gleaming, the sun roof was wide open and the crisp morning breeze ran through the car. We stopped off at our local farm shop to enjoy the peaceful countryside and centred the car for a perfect shot. The sun complimented the charming and sophisticated Clubman finished in Lapisluxury Blue.


We jumped back in the car to set off to our next planned location. We left organised and arrived to our next destination feeling energised, with the MINI Connected directing our route. I wanted to capture the essence of the countryside with the Clubman so we headed for the Wye Downs.


Cruising up the hills to reach the peak of the Downs, the Clubman’s different driving modes were appreciated. Sport Mode gave us the power to breeze up the hills and deliver maximum Go-kart feel, while Green mode allowed us to saunter through the country roads with minimal impact to the beautiful rolling fields surrounding us. We parked the MINI in the flawless location admiring the views of Kent and captured another perfect shot.


"Sport Mode gave us the power to breeze up the hills and deliver maximum Go-kart feel"

We could hear our stomachs rumbling, indicating it was time to head to the shops to stock up on more picnic snacks. Parking the car outside the shop we grabbed snacks and found a secluded local park. After indulging in food I set our next destination by voice control and headed for more country driving – this time delving into a local forest. Driving along the country roads the MINI Cooper S Clubman felt powerful and agile.


As we made a left hand turn into the car park of the forest we could hear the rustling of the leaves as dogs ran freely. We parked up under the trees as people passed slowly to admire the MINI Clubman. The split rear doors were popped open to allow easy access in to the boot and capture the MINI at its best.


Our MINI Adventure was coming to an end as we made our way home. The MINI Clubman lived beyond our expectations. Our Adventure would not have been the same without the MINI Cooper S Clubman; its power, spacious interior and personalised exterior made our adventure so special and comfortable. I can’t wait until my next MINI Adventure.


Your MINI, Your Adventure. Who’s in?