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48 Hours with a MINI Cooper S Convertible

48 hours with a MINI Cooper S Convertible. Where would you go?

In the Park Lane MINI Series - Vilma talks us through her 48 Hour Challenge:

The excitement woke me up at 6:30am, I grabbed the GoPro and a light bag of essentials for the trip (and of course snacks) I shook my sister awake and said “Get up! We need to miss the M25 traffic!” We entered the MINI welcomed by a stunning purple infotainment screen, and then the head up display lifted to guide us to our destination. It was a gorgeous and bright summer’s day, so we had to put the roof down to make the most of the morning rays of sunlight. Cruising down the road we felt proud to be driving such a striking and head turning car. All eyes were on us. Driving up the slip road to enter the motorway we felt the surge of the power, full of energy and raring to hit the open road.


The day started off simple. The destination was certain and the research complete, I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to capture. It wasn’t long until we unfortunately hit traffic, however lucky for us the Harman Kardon sound system made the traffic not seem so bad. Two hours after complete standstill, we finally started moving and by this time we need a refreshing drink to carry on our MINI adventure. After picking up a few bits and bobs with an ice cold frappe we continued on our journey.


Once on the A3 we only had 12 miles left until we arrived at our first destination. We see the tip of the Spinnaker Tower in the distance, which confirms to us that we have arrived. Portsmouth this afternoon was incredibly windy, we went straight to the beach to introduce the MINI Convertible to Southsea. Driving down the coast, the wind sent the sea onto the road and children ran to watch the sea crash into the rocks. Safe to say at this point we put the Convertible roof up. We parked the MINI near the coast and stood back whilst capturing pictures of what we had just witnessed. We planned on enjoying a picnic by the sea, but the wind was too strong so ended up diverting and we were back on the M27 towards Southampton.


I had been told a secret rural location in the New Forest which I had not told my sister yet. The MINI then set off on its adventure through the forest and the trees waved at us as we drove past looking for our destination. The MINI Cooper S showed it’s true handling prowess winding through the trees, feeling planted and agile throughout. With the roof down you can catch the hint of a wild jasmine and honeysuckle fragrance that is carried by the mild breeze into the MINI.


“With the roof down you can catch the hint of a wild jasmine and honeysuckle fragrance that is carried by the mild breeze into the MINI”

The head-up screen instructs us to make the final left turn, which lead us to a secluded path covered in trees. The MINI takes us up the road where we are greeted by Rhinefield House Hotel, located deep within the New Forest National Park. The building is surrounded by a mixture of Tudor and Gothic architecture, which creates a magical ambience where the aggressive black MINI Copper S looked right at home. It was perfect. Guests at the hotel gather around the MINI to watch as the roof starts lifting and we felt proud to be driving such a beautiful car.


The drive home wasn’t as exciting, as it was a reminder that our MINI Adventure was coming to an end. All day we had been impressed with our MINI, keeping us entertained while we were in traffic, keeping us dry from the fierce sea, providing thrills on the forest road all whilst guiding us on our journey. I can’t wait for my next MINI Adventure.