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MINI Lifestyle Collection 2017-2018

The new MINI Lifestyle range is available now at Park Lane. Whether you’re a passionate MINI fan or are looking to treat someone you know, we’ve got the perfect collection. The items combine simple styling with MINI’s bold character. Our refreshed lifestyle range includes everything from wardrobe staples to unique accessories for your home. Chic attire. Legions of luggage. Not to mention a range of toys that mini MINI fans will go mad for.

To find out more about our new lifestyle range or ask our dedicated team a question please email: mail@miniparklane.co.uk

Take a look at some of our highlights, available at MINI Park Lane:

1 - Colour Block T-Shirt - Let's start with a vibrant mpression, in Aqua or Lemon | 2- MINI Travel Bags - Ready for any day, and any occasion. Combined with clever details and suprising extras | 3- MINI Balance Bike - Aqua - The new MINI Lifestyle Collection also has something to offer the youngest MINI enthusiasts. Ready for the all the summer adventures, big or small, the MINI Balance Bike. | 4- MINI Teapot - Let's add some British flair. Enjoy a MINI tea ceramony on the move with the MINI Travel Mug, they will fit in any MINI cupholder.



Visit MINI Park Lane to our dedicated lifestyle collection, available now in the showroom.