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Start your 2020 #MINIStaycation with us. Explore more this summer closer to home with a little added inspiration from us!

This summer we’ve been having a think of all this best things on offer right here on your door step and show you don’t have to go far to still have a good time with your free time.

Here we have designed some MINI staycation options for you! Specifically designed with MINI in mind.

All you have to do is make a few MINI decisions.

Which staycation are you? Then which MINI do you take with you? It's that simple.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to take your family, explore new cities with friends or looking for a romantic spot with your other half we’ve put together a tailor-made bundle to help get you away on those MINI Adventures!

We have given you some MINI tips on where to go, what to take with you to keep you or your little ones busy, and of course, which MINI we'd recommend to enjoy the adventure in.

If you've already been on your MINI staycation, be sure to visit our social media pages and share the MINI love with us.

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